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What is self-massage and what are its benefits?

We, Yatamani consultants, are constantly advocating well-being, and we are right: far too many of us put our work or children before ourselves, whether we are men or women. However, to be happy and rested, we must take care of ourselves and take time for ourselves, and this starts with the body. The better we feel in our bodies, the healthier our minds are!

As George Sand said: "We are not only body, or only mind: we are body and mind together". In this century where everything is stress and rush, it is necessary to know how to take good time and we are going to show you an effective method to relieve your body and your spirit: the self-massage.

Femme automassage

We assure you that you will feel more efficient, less tired, healthier and happier... with self-massage!

What is self-massage?

Self-massage is a massage technique that you do yourself. It is a real moment of relaxation and pleasure that, please note... costs you nothing!

To really feel the effects, we advise you to self-massage at least once a week.

You can practice this massage in the morning before starting your day, at your lunch break or at night before going to bed.

Femme se détend dans la baignoire

Woman relaxes in the bathtub Woman relaxes in the bathtub

The advantage of self-massage is that wherever you are, it is very easy to take this little time to relax: in your bed, in the shower, in the bathtub, during your morning routine (you can read our article "your morning face routine" here!)... It is at your fingertips at any time (no pun intended)!

Why and for what reasons do you self-massage?

Do you need a reason to do yourself good?

Well, no, there is no real reason to do yourself good and have a moment of intense relaxation.

There are several types of massage that can more or less correspond to you. Have you ever said to yourself at the time of taking your tea: "mmmh, I will take a chamomile tea to relax me... Or this ginger tea to boost my day." Well, self-massage works the same way. There are relaxing, energizing, therapeutic, wellness or emotional massages...

To learn more about these different types of massage, you can click on this link: Self-massage: information - Ooreka

Generally speaking, self-massage allows :

  • to relieve the body and its tensions

  • reduce muscle and joint knots

  • improve blood circulation

  • dissipate the stress accumulated over the days

  • soften the skin and the body

  • relax by working on your breathing or on specific parts of your body

  • improve concentration and strengthen memory

  • to sleep better

Who can practice self-massage?

Femme âgée automassage rouleau

Elderly woman self-massage rollerElderly woman self-massage roller

Everyone is concerned and can practice self-massage. There are, of course, massages that are more beneficial for the elderly, children, babies, pregnant women, athletes, or people who are ill or suffering from a disability. There is something for everyone!

What materials and products can I use for self-massage?

You can use (especially for athletes) suction cups, massage balls, rollers... But for a relaxing and pleasant massage, nothing is better than the use of your hands and fingers.

As for the product to apply, Yatamani offers a wide range of products that will boost the effects of self-massage:


Huile d'argan Yatamani


Beurre de karité Yatamani

The zones to be massaged: the special automassages Yatamani.

The self-massage, as you will have understood, concerns everyone and all the parts of the body! Hands, ears, skull, feet, stomach, thighs, neck...

Yatamani consultants' favorite self-massage - face self-massage

Sens massage visage

Massaging the face tones the skin, improves blood circulation and softens the skin.

For a successful face massage, put a dab of our argan oil in the palm of your hands, rub them lightly so that the liquid warms up and then begin by massaging your neck from bottom to top by emitting pressure with your fingers. We then move to the nose: with your fingers, start from the tip of the nose and go up to the top of the forehead. Once this step is done, do your whole face as shown on the picture, always starting from the middle towards the outside: we stretch the skin!

This is a great massage to do in the morning to wake up or in the evening to relax!


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