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Cookies policy



A “cookie” is a small information file sent to the User's browser and saved in the User's terminal (eg: computer, smartphone), (hereinafter “Cookies”). This file includes information such as:

- the domain name of the User,

- the User's Internet access provider,

- the User's operating system

- the date and time of access.

Cookies do not risk damaging the User's terminal under any circumstances.



Cookies do not directly identify a User since they do not contain a surname or first name. The term "cookies" can refer to different technologies, such as invisible beacons or digital images embedded on web pages or in emails. As a general rule, the lifespan of a cookie is 13 (thirteen) months maximum after its recording in the storage space of the machine. It cannot be extended during new visits to the platform.

Online platforms collect information about Internet users using their IP address and cookies. The PI helps determine where visitors are coming from, be it city, region or country. To ensure the regularity of the operating mode of cookies, the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms or  CNIL  established a law helping to strengthen the protection of website visitors (Article 82 of the Data Protection Act).



  Basically, cookies are used to store information entered in a form filled out on the site. This information can be the name, address and password of the user. In this way, the latter will no longer have to enter this information during his next visit. Only he can access the cookie file. Some cookies can store a shopping cart.

  To better understand the usefulness of cookies, it is necessary to distinguish the variants, in particular cookies:

  • audience measurement;

  • techniques ;

  • advertising;

  • sharing.


    1. Technical cookies

This type of cookie allows Internet users to access the platform while securing their personal data. They are essentially necessary for navigation and are essential for mobile applications. They give access to all the functionalities of the site or the application and recognize the users on each of their visits. They help in memorizing passwords as well as information entered in a form filled out on the site.

Technical cookies have the particularity of making navigation secure. To this end, they can, for example, ask visitors to reconnect to the member area after a long period of inactivity. Access to the site is not however conditioned by the use of cookies, which means that it is possible to delete cookies while accessing the platform.

These cookies do not last long. They can be deleted through browser settings. In this case, the user may no longer access the site, application or services of the web platform. Their lifespan can be limited to a few hours or a maximum of one year.

   2. Audience measurement cookies

These cookies analyze the traffic rate of Internet users and identify any browsing problems. It is thanks to them that online platforms can improve the quality of their services as well as their accessibility. Audience measurement cookies are used practically to measure the effectiveness of commercial actions.

It is also possible to refuse the use of these cookies. Their lifespan is limited to thirteen months.

   3. Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies facilitate the adaptation of advertising media to the interests of visitors. They give them access to the various advertisements and sponsored links of the site, taking into account the profile, the browser, the information sought and the geographical position. Advertising content can be improved by using the technologies of the site's partners.

Thanks to advertising cookies, the platform's commercial partners direct their visitors to sponsored links or advertising sites corresponding to their areas of interest. Information is collected using technologies provided by the partners. Each page visited contains cookies, in order to measure the interaction with each advertisement as well as the effectiveness of a campaign.

In addition, advertising cookies limit the number of views of the same advertising poster on the same medium.

   4. Sharing cookies

These sharing cookies are used to optimize interactivity on social networks. They promote the sharing of content and opinions on the site or application. They are displayed as soon as certain parameters are activated, as is the case for the “like” and “share” buttons on Facebook and Twitter. Some buttons even make it possible to identify users, since they did not use them during their last visit.

Internet users must however remain vigilant on this type of site, because their privacy is often threatened by the various forms of hacking. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the  privacy policies  before browsing the site and accepting sharing cookies.




​ The e-store,, is likely to process the User's information concerning his visit to its site, such as the pages consulted, the searches carried out, the products purchased. This information is used to improve the content of the Site and the User's navigation.

​ Cookies facilitate navigation and / or the provision of the services offered by the Site. The User can configure his browser (bar at the bottom during each connection) so that it allows him to decide whether or not he wishes to accept them. If so, Cookies can be saved in the terminal either systematically or depending on their issuer. The User can also configure his browser software so that the acceptance or refusal of Cookies is offered to him from time to time, before a Cookie is likely to be recorded in his terminal.

If the User refuses the registration of Cookies in his terminal or browser, or if the User deletes those registered there, the User is informed that his browsing and experience on the Site may be limited. This could also be the case when cannot recognize, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by the terminal, the language and display settings or the country from which the terminal is connected to the Internet. .

Where applicable, declines all responsibility for the consequences related to the degraded functioning of the Site and the services offered in its e-shop, resulting (i) from the refusal of Cookies by the User (ii) and therefore from the impossibility to save or consult the Cookies necessary for proper functioning.

For the management of Cookies and the User's choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the browser's help menu, which will allow you to know how the User can modify their preferences in terms of Cookies.


​ At any time, the User can choose to express and modify his wishes in terms of Cookies. may also use the services of external service providers to help it collect and process the information described in this section.

Finally, by clicking on the icons dedicated to the social networks Facebook and Instagram appearing on the Site and if the User has accepted the deposit of cookies by continuing to browse the Website, Facebook and Instagram can also place cookies on your terminals (computer, tablet, mobile phone).

These types of cookies are only placed on your terminals if you consent to them, by continuing to browse the website. At any time, the User can nevertheless revoke his consent by logging on to the site again.


Cookies are not viruses. Cookies use a plain text format. These are not pieces of compiled code, so they cannot be executed or run automatically. Thus, they cannot create copies of themselves. Since they cannot perform these actions, they fall outside the standard definition of viruses. guarantees the security of your personal data collected by being against the use of cookies such as spyware.

Everything that cookies collect is intended for order processing and communications (Newsletter) only.

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