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For every mom who accepts nothing less than the best.

The delicate skin of your child requires specific attention. That's why ZAWADI was created. Discover what sets us apart:

  • Advanced Research: The HygroCalm® complex, exclusively patented by ZAWADI, promises innovative protection, specifically designed for the sensitive skin of children.

  • Unique Formulation: Our range, a true innovation in the market, is specially crafted for the needs of Afro and mixed-race children's skin.

  • Passion and Commitment: Each product is the result of our dedication to providing unparalleled care for your child.

  • Promise of Quality: With the HygroCalm® complex, we guarantee proven effectiveness for healthy and soothed skin.

  • Nature and Purity: Our biomimetic formulas draw inspiration from nature, ensuring a clean and transparent composition for your child's skin.

Each ZAWADI product has been crafted with love, precision, and expertise. Explore the selection we've chosen for you and give your child the comfort and softness they deserve with ZAWADI.

Une maman et son bébé
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