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​​Yatamani's Face and Body Oil Guide

As Yatamani consultants, we have a duty to help you make the best choices, and we love it! So we've put together a guide to the oils used in the products we sell. This will allow you to choose the product that best suits YOU.

Les huiles bonnes pur le corps

Argan oil, the oil of the sun with thousand virtues

You can find this prodigious oil in many of our products, simply because it comes at the end of many skin problems.

This oil can treat skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns and skin infections. Thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, argan oil prevents and reduces wrinkles, while toning, plumping and softening the skin of your face

You can also apply this oil to your hair and nails to make them stronger and more resistant to external agents.

We have written an article entirely devoted to the benefits of argan oil. We advise you to take a look at it for more information! Read the article

Our selection Argan oil :

Argan Oil

Huile d'argan Yatamani

The rejuvenating serum

Sérum rajeunissant Yatamani

Revitalizing care argan soul

Soin revitalisant à l'huile d'argan Yatamani

Argan and shea butter

Beurre d'argan et de karité Yatamani

Avocado oil, ideal for dry and mature skin

Avocado oil, you already know it for its culinary benefits (if not click here). But do you know the benefits of this oil for the face, the body or the hair?

Huile d'avocat cosmétique

Thanks to its high fatty acid content, it is excellent for nourishing your skin and protecting it from harmful external agents such as cold, wind or pollution.

Avocado oil is known to revitalize, soften, repair and soothe the most sensitive skins.

As for the hair, this oil brings flexibility, shine and strength, while accelerating the growth of your hair.

If you have questions about this oil, do not hesitate to watch the Doctissimo video (click here to discover the video).

Our selection Avocado oil :

Illuminating serum

Sérum illuminateur Yatamani

Calendula oil, a soothing oil for sensitive skin

Huile de calendula

A powerful anti-inflammatory, this oil is often used to relieve swelling and wounds caused by burns. It then heals and regenerates damaged skin tissue.

Calendula oil, rich in antioxidants, is known to soften, soften, give softness and elasticity to the skin. A softener, an excellent softener for the skin. You have a skin with an atopic tendency, which itches, dry, fragile? Then our products are for you!

You want to know more, you can learn more on Doctissimo (click here)

Our selection Calendula oil :

Calendula soap

Savon au calendula Yatamani

Calendula and chamomile body milk

Lait pour le corps calendula et camomille

Chamomile oil, the oil that will relieve you

Huile de camomille

Chamomile oil is widely used in the health field because it has anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties and calms pain.

This oil considerably reduces skin problems such as allergies, itching, acne, psoriasis, inflammation, dermatitis ...

Chamomile oil will be perfect for sensitive skin and prone to all kinds of skin problems: ideal for your children.

You want to know a little more? Do not hesitate to go to see on Doctissimo (click here).

Our selection of chamomile oil

Calendula and chamomile body milk

Lait pour le corps calendula et camomille

Coconut oil, delicate and nourishing

Huile de coco

Known for its exotic and sweet fragrance, coconut oil is found in many cosmetic products, and it is not by chance.

Very moisturizing, this oil fights effectively against the extreme dryness of the skin, bringing soothing and softness to it.

You have a damaged, dry skin, lacking elasticity? You must adopt our soap!

To learn more about this oil, go to Doctissimo (click here).

Our selection of coconut oil

Calendula soap

Savon au calendula Yatamani

Essential oil of fennel, relaxing properties

Huile de fenouil

The essential oil of fennel is little known, at least, in cutaneous application. However it is very used to relieve digestive problems or to relax the muscles.

In milks, creams, lotions, serums or soaps, fennel essential oil is a powerful relaxant. It also allows to tone up the skin.

This is why we use it in our serum!

Our selection of fennel essential oil

Illuminating serum

Sérum illuminateur Yatamani

Orange blossom oil, the oil with an exquisite fragrance

Orange blossom oil is very popular in cosmetics, but it is also known to bring well-being.

Its sweet fragrance is perfectly refreshing and soothing. It is the perfect oil to take some time out and relax!

This oil also has regenerating and brightening properties, so it can restore radiance and lightness to dull skin.

To find out more, click here.

Pour en savoir davantage, vous pouvez cliquez ici.

Our selection of orange blossom oil

Neroli and raspberry body milk

Lait corporel néroli et framboise Yatamani

Raspberry oil, the oil with many benefits

Where to start? Raspberry oil is full of secrets!

Raspberry oilRaspberry oil

Rich in antioxidants, this oil fights effectively against the appearance of signs of aging: it tones and regenerates the skin at first, then reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

It is the perfect oil to nourish and soften dry, irritated skin, exposed to harmful external agents such as the sun, the cold, the wind, pollution...

You make a cure of carrots every summer to perfect your tan? Yatamani advises you the milks and creams based on raspberry oil: its orange color and its carotenoid content give an instant "healthy glow" effect and illuminate your tan.

Our raspberry oil selection

Neroli and raspberry body milk

Lait corporel néroli et framboise

Wheat germ oil, an oil to adopt

huile de germe de blé

Wheat germ oil is widely used in Yatamani cosmetic products. This nourishing oil is excellent to fight against dry and dehydrated skin: it is regenerating, protective and repairing.

By eliminating dead cells from damaged skin, it firms, tones and restores radiance to the complexion. No more dry, rough and chapped skin.

You can watch the Doctissimo video to learn more (click here).

Notre sélection huile de germe de blé

Rose hip soap

Savon à la rose musquée Yatamani

Musk rose moisturizing face care

Soin hydratant à la rose musquée Yatamani

Argan and shea butter

Beurre d'argan et de karité Yatamani

Jojoba oil, for ultra effective serums

Huile de jojoba

What does jojoba oil do better than others? Three things: it balances your skin, regulates the sebum it produces and slows the loss of water from your skin. That's why jojoba oil is great for serums.

It is also very nourishing, allowing it to protect, moisturize, regenerate, soften, calm, *catch our breath*... fight against skin aging, smooth and firm.

Just like us, you won't be able to do without it! For more information, go to this link (click here).

Our jojoba oil selection

Rejuvenating Serum

Sérum rajeunissant Yatamani

Illuminating Serum

Sérum illuminateur Yatamani

Olive oil, an outstanding make-up remover

Huile d'olive

You may not know it, but olive oil is an excellent natural makeup remover. This oil removes waxy substances and then moisturizes your skin.

If you have problem skin, olive oil-based cosmetics will be of great help: known for its antibacterial effects, small wounds, spots or pimples will disappear.

Finally, olive oil is a powerful anti-aging and repairing agent, which will moisturize your skin in depth.

Notre sélection huile d’olive

Our olive oil selection

Savon rose musquée Yatamani

Evening primrose oil, a very moisturizing oil

Evening primrose oil is the oil you need if you have dry, mature and sensitive skin. Thanks to its antioxidant content, products made with this oil are effective in preventing and reducing wrinkles.

Evening primrose oil is then used to moisturize and soften even the most damaged skin.

Do you also want to soothe, soften and revitalize your skin? Make sure your milk or cream contains this oil.

You want to know more about evening primrose (click here)

Our selection of evening primrose oil

Calendula and chamomile body milk

Lait corporel carendula et camomille

Rose hip oil, the repairing oil

Huile de rose musquée

Like many of the oils in this guide, rose hip oil reduces and smoothes wrinkles. It also reduces blemishes and other imperfections.

Rosehip oil is most commonly used for its restorative powers. Damaged and marked skins are no match for this oil.

After application, the skin is regenerated, toned and softened.

If you are used to exposing your skin to external agents such as the sun, cold, wind, sea water ... Then you should choose a care based on rose hip oil.

You want to know more, it is on Doctissimo (click here).

Our selection of rose hip oil

Rose hip soap

Savon rose musquée Yatamani

Moisturizing face care with rose hip

Soin visage hydratant à la rose musquée Yatamani

Sesame oil, the anti-aging product you need

This oil is very rich in antioxidants, which makes it ideal for anti-aging treatments. Sesame oil also helps to soften, regenerate and deeply moisturize the most sensitive skin.

A little extra, this oil is very often used to perform relaxing massages. What better way to start the day than by applying sesame oil?

Our selection of sesame oil

Rejuvenating serum

Sérum rajeunissant Yatamani


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