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Your Morning Face Routine with Yatamani

Yatamani's consultants reveal THE golden rule for beautiful skin, from the moment you get out of bed to the moment you go to bed: always follow the order in which you apply your facial treatments. The steps to follow are essential to ensure that your skin is toned, youthful and moisturized at all times.

We know it's complicated, but we'll explain, because taking care of yourself is a priority!

Morning face care for womenMorning face care for women !

Soin visage femme du matin

Step 1 - Cleanse your face

The first thing to do in the morning is to clean your face. Yes, even if you did it the night before, before going to sleep, you have to clean your face again to eliminate the impurities formed during the night and get rid of your night cream if you had put one on. This way, you start your morning with your skin completely clean and toned. Depending on your skin type, you can use micellar water, a mousse or a milk.

Tip : we recommend you use our rose hip soap. Suitable for all skin types, it removes makeup, perspiration and sebum.

Savon Yatamani à la rose musquée

Psssst... and it's natural and environmentally friendly! To find it, click on the following link: :

Step 2 - The moisturizing lotion

The second step is to apply a moisturizing lotion. Take the opportunity to gently massage your face to tone it, it is also an opportunity to wake up and have a nice moment before the crazy day ahead!

The lotion helps to maintain the epidermis and reduce irritation caused by certain cosmetics, so it is a must.

Step 3 – The serum

Then it's time for the skin serum! This elixir is very nourishing and gives your skin extra nutrients. After its application, you will find a luminous and healthy skin.

To suit all skin types, we suggest you use our Illuminating Serum which is composed of three organic vegetable oils and moisturizing and revitalizing essential oils.

Sérum illuminateur Yatamani

For those who want a more rejuvenating effect, we recommend the Rejuvenating Serum Âme d'argan, composed of argan oil, sesame and jojoba. A trio of formidable effectiveness... tested and approved!

Sérum rajeunissant âme d'argan Yatamani

Step 4 - Eye contour cream

This step is very important, and yet you must already be saying "damn I never put, or very little". No need to panic! But know that the eyelid and the skin under your eye are the most fragile and thin areas of your face. You must therefore remember to moisturize, soothe and drain this skin, which produces very little sebum. You will see that at the end of the day, your eyes will be much less tired and irritated. Now, don't forget this step!

Another benefit of the eye contour cream that everyone will agree on: it considerably reduces the appearance of wrinkles!

Step 5 - The face cream

ome on, I promise, you're almost done, but it still feels good to take care of yourself, right? Let's move on to this penultimate step!

Now apply the face cream to protect your skin all day from harmful external agents like pollution. It will also give you the extra moisture your skin needs.

Yatamani has the perfect cream. Our organic and ecological rose hip cream increases collagen and elastin synthesis, improves skin tone and delays the appearance of wrinkles. Another little jewel for your pretty face!

Crème visage hydratante à la rose musquée Yatamani

Step 6 - Nourish your lips

Just like the eye cream, this is a step we all too often neglect. However, we all know those few difficult days when our lips are dry and chapped: stress, cold, aggressive lipstick ... So we apply with our finger a tiny dab of shea butter to restore their softness, elegance and protection.

Our argan and shea butter is simply exceptional. Combined with argan oil and wheat germ, it will be your best ally to prevent dehydration.

Beurre de karité Yatamani


For the evening, same routine. But we apply even more to clean our face. The must: we put in more argan oil in the last step !

For more information and to discover even more products, visit our website

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