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Summer is here: what consequences does the sun have on the skin?

We like to live outside and enjoy the beautiful days, but not at the expense of our skin's health. The sun is our friend but without a good sun protection, it is not the friend of our skin. Indeed, the skin constitutes a bulwark which protects us against the external aggressions. However, the sun is very aggressive and without a protective and nourishing layer the skin can burn, and in the worst case develop skin cancer. But we are not there yet and we are going to explain to you how to avoid the sun harming you to fully enjoy your summer.

what consequences of the sun on the skinwhat consequences of the sun on the skin

quelles conséquences du soleil sur la peau

Article Summary

This article is your sun guide for the summer. Find out everything you need to know about the benefits, risks and existing protections and enjoy the sun safely!

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The benefits of the sun: to consume with moderation !

les bienfaits du soleil

It is well known that the sun has its virtues but the only condition is not to abuse it: moderation is the key to safety!

1.1 The sun recharges our batteries

The light visible through the sun's rays conditions our biological rhythms. This process is explained by a strong production of melatonin which is the sleep hormone. Melatonin is involved in the synchronization of our body's rhythms. This is how the sun "recharges our batteries" and recharges our energy. The sun therefore contributes to our good mood and our energy throughout the day, provided, once again, that we do not abuse it. To do this, we must give preference to short exposures of short duration.

1.2 The sun helps reduce cardiovascular disease

The sun has the virtue of lowering blood pressure and thus helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. With a maximum exposure of 30 minutes, the action of UVA rays increases the levels of nitric oxide present in the skin, thus promoting the dilation of blood vessels with a beneficial effect on cardiovascular diseases.

1.3 The sun helps to consolidate our bone structure

This benefit results from the UV rays that allow the synthesis of vitamin D, which contributes to fixing calcium on the bones. In this way, the sun appears to be essential in the protection against rickets and osteoporosis for example. If we go further, in small doses, the sun helps to reduce the risk of skin diseases such as psoriasis or virtiligo.

However, even if the sun has its benefits, we should not underestimate the protective measures against its UV rays, which are ultra-aggressive for our skin.

Protecting yourself from ultraviolet rays: the essential gestures.

The dangers of the sun lie in its UV rays, which are invisible to the human eye! UV rays are composed of 95% UVB, which are well filtered by the atmosphere but their intensity increases during the day, and 5% UVA, which are very poorly filtered by the atmosphere. In all cases, UV rays in their entirety penetrate the epidermis and can even act on the eyes. Thus, the sun can cause irreversible or even fatal damage (sunburn, skin aging, allergies, cancers).

1.1 Avoid the sun between noon and 4pm

UV rays are most intense and therefore most dangerous between noon and 4pm. Moreover, for beachgoers, you should know that a sunshade is useful but does not protect you! Indeed, due to the reflection on the sand, UV rays still penetrate your skin, so you must protect yourself.

1.2 T-shirt, sunglasses and sun cream

Dry and light clothes filter the UV rays for a better protection, it is the only total screen that exists. The clothing is therefore not to be neglected. Coupled with that add a pair of sunglasses with a wrap-around shape and especially a CE standard (CE3 or CE4) for optimal protection.

Finally, sun cream is the ultimate protection for your skin (we present our products below) if it is applied every 2 hours and after each swim. To choose your sunscreen, look at the UVB and UVA protection index (generally index 30 or 50).


1.3 Protect the youngest

First of all, you should not expose babies to the sun, this is strongly discouraged. Secondly, we note that until puberty, the skin and eyes are fragile and more sensitive to UV rays. Sunburns and repeated exposures until puberty are the major cause of the development of skin cancers (melanoma) in adulthood. Indeed, the crystalline lens which is transparent during childhood and adolescence cannot play its role of natural barrier against UV.

Yatamani natural cosmetics for your skin.

Yatamani selected for you sun creams with natural ingredients intended to protect your skin but also the nature!

3.1 Ecological body sunscreen spf 50

Are you looking for a high sun protection factor for an optimal barrier against the sun's rays for adults but also for children?

protect from the sunprotect from the sun

Our new SPF 50 sunscreen is the most effective organic solution we've tested for several reasons:

  • Tanning without burning: you and your family will be well protected. This high-protection sunscreen contains a mineral filter, which forms a layer on your skin to reflect and disperse UVA and UVB sun rays.

  • Natural and ecological sun cream, without chemical additives. It respects the marine ecosystem: it is biodegradable.

  • Moisturizing sun cream: it restores the skin's elasticity because it contains numerous active antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients that will take care of your skin while you tan.

3.2 Ecological face sunscreen spf 50

protéger son visage du soleil

protect your face from the sunprotect your face from the sun

If you have fair skin, red hair, or a tendency to get sun spots, look no further than the product you need.

Why is our SPF 50 sun protection cream effective?

  • Our high protection sunscreen contains a mineral potion, including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, a safe blend that forms a thin layer on your skin that reflects and disperses the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

  • Organic Face Sunscreen (90% organic ingredients). The sun protection cream with the most organic ingredients on the market. No chemical additives.

  • Cream with antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients, such as buriti oil, argan oil or avocado oil, that will take care of your skin and moisturize it to counteract the harmful effects of the sun.

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