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How to recognize my baby's skin type?

recognize my baby's skin type

Atopic, sensitive or dry skin...What is my baby's skin type?

Your baby's skin plays a protective role against external aggressions. It requires adapted care and special attention. This is why it is important to determine your child's skin type from an early age in order to choose hygiene and care products that perfectly meet the specific needs of his skin.

In this article, you will discover the four types of skin with different characteristics: normal, dry, very sensitive and atopic.

Normal: Your baby's skin has no irregularities, is soft to the touch and smooth.

Example: Your baby shows no signs of itching or discomfort and falls asleep without difficulty. Your baby has normal skin.

Dry: Your baby's skin is less supple, rough, coarse and may crust. Generally, the child feels discomfort that causes him or her to scratch.

Example: Your baby seems to be experiencing discomfort. He or she is often itchy and may have rough, peeling skin. Your baby has dry skin.

Very sensitive: Your baby's skin reacts easily to external agents. Irritable and permeable, it presents numerous rednesses or tuggings.

Example: You go for a walk in the middle of winter with your baby for a little outing. You took the time to cover him well in order to protect him from external agents. As you know, a child's skin is much more fragile than that of an adult. That's why you took precautions. But despite everything, you quickly realize that he is subject to a lot of redness and tightness. If you find yourself in this situation, it's because your baby's skin can't stand the external aggressions of daily life (wind, rubbing of clothes, hard water, etc.) and he has very sensitive skin.

With atopic tendency: Your baby's skin does not succeed in protecting itself from its environment, it is then very dry with red patches, accompanied by itching which irritates the baby and can prevent it from sleeping.

Example: Your baby suffers from very localized red patches such as the cheeks, neck, forehead, scalp, chest, folds of the joints (elbows, knees, wrists and ankles)... Accompanied by itching that manifests itself by the irritability of the baby, and also causes sleep disorders. Your baby thus has a skin with atopic tendency.

The Zawadi range of products allows to prevent or repair the dry and sensitive skin of babies, children and older children, but also to cure atopic skin.

The moisturizing milk anti-scratch: Daily care, it was formulated to be appropriate for the sensitive and reactive skins of the babies. It will soothe your baby's itchiness and provide hydration and softness.

Moisturizing milk oil: Moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin of the infant thanks to a film of waxy substance of sebaceous origin which covers the skin of the baby.

Concentrated hygrocalm: Care face and body for the dry, reactive skins with atopic tendency. This creamy emollient balm helps to repair and soothe irritations and sensations of discomfort caused by dry skin in babies, children and older children

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