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Cosmétiques au romarin


Produits de beauté aux fleurs

Ordering natural cosmetics

from the store

Minimum quantity : 6 per reference

Quantity discounts: 

Quantity / Ref <6

Quantity / Ref <12

Quantity / Ref <18

Quantity / Ref  > or = 18






Departure from the factory at your expense except under special conditions

Payment terms

Cash payment

By check payable to 

La Cophena Négoce & Consulting SAS

Wire Transfer 

IBAN  FR76 3000 3043 2200 0200 6316 778

By credit card 

A link for payment will be sent to you

Discount for early payment : none

Late penalties

ECB rate increased by 10 points payable in the event of non-payment on the settlement date without a reminder being necessary.

Lump sum compensation for recovery costs in the event of late payment: € 40

Retention of title

It is agreed that the seller remains the owner of the goods sold as long as the purchaser has not fully paid him the price provided for in this contract.

  As a result, in the event of non-payment, the seller may demand, at any time, the return of said goods.


On the other hand, if the goods are damaged, lost or stolen, the buyer will be fully responsible for the consequences of this disaster. He is required to take out insurance which will guarantee payment of the indemnity to the seller.

Soins de la peau maison
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