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Rosehip: strengthen your immune system & regenerate your skin!

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Also called "fragrant rose hips", the rosehip is a species of rose from temperate regions such as Oregon or Colorado in the United States. This plant has been used for its virtues since Roman times by following different beliefs according to which it would fight against rabies transmitted by dog ​​bites or against tuberculosis. Nowadays, the beneficial properties of these seeds are used as an immune response and regenerator of skin cells. We tell you everything in this article.

la rose musquée

Article summary:

Rosehip is a magnificent plant with multiple virtues for your health and your skin. It is one of the 100% natural ingredients used in the products distributed by Yatamani and in particular manufactured by Amapola, expert in bio cosmetology. We are therefore showing you all the benefits and the composition of this plant which will become your new cosmetic ally. Browse our article according to your needs:

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plante antioxydante

Characterized by 5 petals of white, rose or in the rarest cases of red and gold, rosehip is beneficial for health. Its composition is rich, it contains in fact:

  • A high content of vitamin C, A and E then an average content of vitamin B1 and B2;

  • Add to this folic acid, fatty acids, minerals and fiber.

All of its components promote antioxidant effects by strengthening your immune system. To give you an idea, the vitamin C content is so important that:

100g de baies = 1kg d’agrumes

Rosehip is also involved in iron absorption and improves the respiratory immune response in allergy sufferers and in children. More precisely, it represents an excellent natural remedy in the prevention against:

  • Allergic rhinitis

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Asthma & pollen

In addition, in children it helps fight against:

  • Tonsillitis

  • A cold

  • Cough

  • Otitis

  • Nasopharyngitis

Indeed, the rosehip contains an anti-inflammatory action which makes it possible to treat and prevent these various pathologies. In short, rosehip is your health ally and can support you on a daily basis in strengthening your immune system in several forms such as candies, creams, oils and even jams!


régénérer sa peau

It is its high concentration of vitamins C and E combined with bioflavonoids (these are colored pigments that give a wide range of colors to plants and foods.) That rosehip constitutes a powerful remedy capable of fighting aging skin. Rosehip oil is a valuable additive in cosmetics to regenerate skin cells. That's not all, rosehip is perfect for fighting multiple skin problems such as:

  • Scars and burns: this vegetable oil prevents the growth of dermis. Indeed, it reduces the reliefs of hypertrophied or retractile scars, even old ones, homogenizes the color of the scars with that of the skin. It is effective on recent and old scars and reduces age spots.

Its seeds are rich in fatty acids and help reduce skin problems and rehydrate the skin to restore its natural appearance. It is in this sense that the rosehip is also used for:

  • Eczema ;

  • Psoriasis ;

  • Les coups de soleil.

Thus, choosing rosehip is choosing a 100% pure and natural ingredient, first cold pressing of the seeds, to reap all the benefits thanks to its multiple properties at the service of your skin.


cosmétiques rose musquée

It is therefore for all these reasons that Yatamani does not hesitate to select rosehip-based products from the natural cosmetics it distributes, and in particular those from "Amapola", the products of which are below.

Rosehip rose soap

savon à la rose musquée
  • Excellent cleanser: You can use it in your shower, of course, but it will be all the more effective in deeply cleaning your face of makeup residue, regulating perspiration as well as the excess sebum that your skin produces.

  • Regenerator: its three oils (rosehip oil, olive oil and wheat germ oil) have regenerative, antioxidant and healing properties. No more pimples and imperfect skin.


soin visage hydratant

Now, more than ever, your skin is asking for it.

Why adopt this day cream?

  • Rosehip rosehip oil: of which this moisturizer is mainly composed, increases the synthesis of collagen and the elasticity of your skin as explained above. It also strengthens skin tone and this cream delays the onset of wrinkles.

  • Wheat germ oil: the second element of this organic cream, is an excellent antioxidant. Ideal for limiting the appearance of wrinkles and gradually erasing imperfections on your face (pimples, redness, etc.).

  • Exquisite fragrance: thanks to the essential oil of Ylang-ylang. This cream will take you to the South Seas! In addition to its scent, Ylang-ylang essential oil tones the skin.

Discover all our ranges of natural products for your happiness and that of your loved ones.

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